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The federal DOT and Washington State legal road weight limit for trucks is 34,000 lbs. on a tandem axle. The gross vehicle weight maximum is 80,000 lbs., as long as the individual axle limits are not exceeded. The maximum cargo weight that can be moved legally over the road varies, depending on the types of containers and chassis used, since different pieces of equipment have different tare weights. Also, the number of axles, distance between axles, and tire size all affect allowable weights. The use of a generator set (typically weighing around 2500 lbs.) will also decrease the cargo weight capacity. As a guideline only, using a standard steamship line chassis, maximum cargo weights are as follows:
– Dry 20′ cntr: 32,000 lbs. (14.51 metric tons)
– Refrigerated 20′ cntr: 28,000 lbs. (12.70 metric tons)
– Dry 40′ cntr: 43,000 lbs. (19.50 metric tons)
– High cube 40′ refrigerated cntr: 39,300 lbs. (17.83 metric tons)
– Please note that allowable “cargo weight” means the cargo plus the weight of all packaging materials, pallets, dunnage, and accumulated ice on frozen product.
– In some cases, containers with greater cargo weights can be moved legally over the road using super chassis. MacMillan-Piper has permits to use the heavy haul corridor in Tacoma. Please contact our Trucking Department at 206-340-2837 (Seattle) or 253-627-4706 (Tacoma) for further information and rate quotes.

GSC acquires MacMillan-Piper.   


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